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2010 or 2013?: Alabama may have won 5 of the last 9 national championships, but Auburn has also been in the mix.

Sometimes lost in the shuffle, the Tigers have placed two teams in national title games since 2010. Clemson is the only other team to do that besides the Tide.

The 2010 Tigers won it all. The 2013 team was runner-up. I saw this question the other day - which was better?

It's easy to say the champion, but would the 2010 Tigers beat the 2013 version?

Both teams improved over the course of their respective seasons. As each season progressed, so did each edition of the Orange and Blue.

The 2010 team ran the table but had several close calls. The 2013 team had one setback in week four at LSU in addition to the title game loss and also had its share of nailbiters.

In 2010, Auburn had seven wins by single digits including the 22-19 win over Oregon for the title. In 2013, the Tigers had seven games decided by a touchdown or less, including the three-point defeat to FSU in the championship.

Gus Malzahn was the common element as the play-caller both seasons, even though he was an assistant in 2010. Cam Newton was "Superman" when the chips were down that season. Tre Mason set Auburn's single-season rushing mark in 2013.

The 2010 team averaged beating its opponents by a score of 41-24. The '13 squad's avearage score in 14 games was 40-25.

To me, there are two X-factors in picking who would win in a head-to-head battle; Cam Newton and Nick Fairley.

Fairley became a force in '10 as the defense went from average to pretty good.

On offense, Newton was a freak of nature. He had arguably the best year for a quarterback that we've seen. He made his mark on "The Plains" although he played there just one year.

If the '10 and '13 Tigers faced off in an end-of-year title game, I'd pick Gene Chizik's bunch. Cam would make a play with the game on the line. And, if the ball were on the other side, the AU defense would make a stop unlike the '13 team failed to do with its defense in the final :13

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