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It's Back: In the midst of the coronavirus and protests, baseball returned - Dixie Youth in Tallassee. The major leaguers are still waiting. Can they get by on half of their salaries? Do the math on 40 percent of $20 million.

The last time Tallassee's DYB teams were on the field prior to last week was March 14.

I coach an 11/12-year-old team. We got back on the field on Thursday. That was May 28. It had been 75 days since I last saw these boys. Their voices had changed on some.

It was good to get back on the field. It was the return to some type of normal in a world filled with chaos and uncertainty.

I was able to hand out jerseys and hats that have been sitting in a box for two months. We were able to play "America's Favorite Pastime" - at least it used to be.

We even had a scrimmage on Friday night. We didn't shake hands afterward. We waved.

Some mamas, daddies, grandmas and granddaddies were at the ball park again. Some were in masks. Some were social distancing.

On June 15, the games are scheduled to begin again on the baseball and softball fields for boys and girls. I can't help but be a little excited.

Auburn's Greatest?: It's not a stretch to say Pat Dye was Auburn's greatest coach. I saw a recent article by Josh Vitale on the Fantasy Football Iron Bowl.

Vitale picked the best based solely on statistics. Alabama was coached by Paul "Bear" Bryant. Auburn was coached by Ralph "Shug" Jordan.

You can certainly make the case for both being the very best at their respective schools. You can also go with Nick Saban and Pat Dye.

Bryant and Jordan have the longevity over Saban and Dye. But the latter two have made the same type of impact.

Dye's win percentage at Auburn was 71.1 percent form 1981-92. Jordan's was 67.5 percent from 1951-75. Terry Bowden actually tops the list of Auburn coaches in the modern era at 73.1 percent.

Jordan won the 1957 National Championship. Dye was within an eyelash in 1983. Jordan had only one SEC title ('57). Dye had at least a share of four ('83, '87, '88, '89).

Jordan coached against Bryant for most of his career. Dye coached against Bryant, Perkins, Curry and Stallings. Jordan was 9-16 in the Iron Bowl. Dye was 6-6.

You don't judge the best on just win percentage. If so, Terry Bowden would be No. 1. You don't judge solely on the record vs. your rival. If so, Tommy Tuberville would be No. 1.

Go ahead. Pick the coach that's Auburn's all-time best? Jordan, Dye, Tuberville, Malzahn? To me, it's Dye.








































































































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Legging It Out

Malik Rogers hustles down the line in a practice game at the Tallassee 7/8 field last week. Dixie Youth Baseball restarted on Tuesday. Games are scheduled to return on June 15.


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