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Tallassee City Schools RFP for outside Signage


Bid # 2018-4-9

Tallassee City Board of Education is seeking proposal for the following Services and equipment. These services will be bid subject to the conditions and provisions listed in our bid document. All bids must be submitted as sealed bids to the Tallassee City Board of Education, 308 King Street, Tallassee, Al 36078, no later than April 20th 2018 @ 10:00 am.  Bids will not be accepted after this time.  Envelopes containing bids must be identified as follows:  Bid # 2018-4-9

The Tallassee City Board of Education is an equal opportunity agency and prohibits discrimination in any of its educational programs, including employment, on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, color, age or any handicapping condition.  The Board of Education complies fully with the provisions of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the appropriate Department of Education regulations.

  1. Please direct all communications to Jim Davis preferably by e-mail, fax (334-283-4338). Any communication between Tallassee City Schools and bidders must be in writing. 
  2. Award of contract will not be based on low cost alone. Conformity to requirements, parts availability, history of service from vendor, warranty, and history of manufacture quality may be factors in the award.
  3. All proposals will be reviewed and considered.
  4. Vendors must have been in business continuously for a minimum of ten years.
  5. Tallassee City Board of Education reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or any part thereof, for any reason when it is deemed to be in our best interest.
  6. The Tallassee City Board of Education reserves the right to increase or decrease quantities and make modifications to specifications as deemed necessary for the successful completion of the proposed work.
  7. The Tallassee City Board of Education reserves the right to reject the proposal of any vendor who has previously failed to perform up to our standards.
  8. The Tallassee City Board of Education reserves the right to reject the proposal of any vendor who, in the opinion of the Tallassee City School System, is not in a position to adequately perform the contract.
  9. Bid price is to be all inclusive with no further charges made against the Tallassee City Board of Education.
  10. This contract requires compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity Regulations, The Clean Air Act, The Clean Water Act, and Environmental Protection Agency Regulations.
  11. The final awarding of this bid will be made by the Tallassee City Board of Education based on a recommendation from the Superintendent.
  12. Any damage caused by the vendor will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the Tallassee City School System.

Request for Proposal

Part 1
Outside Signage
Tallassee City Schools is seeking proposals for outside signage at two schools. The two locations are Southside Middle School (SMS) and Tallassee Elementary Schools (TES). 

The digital signs should be approximately 3 feet x 7 feet. See specification on next page. 

We are requesting a turnkey setup with signs, software, training and installation. 

The company who is awarded this contract must also offer repair/maintenance of the signs and software/software upgrades as necessary. 

Any suggested maintenance must be explained and the estimated cost of said maintenance be given in the response to this RFP. 

Prior to submitting proposal, all bidders will be required to inspect each of the installation sites.

Bidders should be knowledgeable of right-of-way laws and city ordinances that may affect placement of signs.

Bidders should give district several options (pictures) of sign support structure and final appearance.

Location 1

Southside Middle School
901 E.B. Payne Sr. Drive
Tallassee, Al 36078

Location 2

Tallassee Elementary School
850 Friendship Road
Tallassee, Al 36078

LED Video Specifications:

  1. Pixel Spacing: Center to center pixel spacing must not exceed 16.5 mm (0.65 inch)
  2. Pixel Design: Each pixel must be separate one from another. No virtual or hybrid pixel technologies will be accepted. Each pixel must be comprised of no more or less than 1 red, 1 green and 1 blue LED.
  3. Half-Brightness Minimum Viewing Angles: 140 degrees horizontal/70 degrees vertical
  4. Video Graphics Capability: The display must be able to show pre-recorded video clips at up to 30 frames per second and live video at 30 frames per second. Software driving display must have the ability to import AVI, BMP, GIF, JPG and other graphic file types.
  5. Brightness/Dimming: Maximum brightness must be up to 10,000 nits. Dimming must be automated using a minimum 100-step photo cell or Dimming must be automated using software dimming based on global position of LED display.
  6. Temperature Display: Bid must include temperature sensor for real time display of temperature or Temperature must be able to be displayed on LED display using real time data from a RSS Internet feed, broadband Internet connection required.
  7. Data Integration: Display must have the ability to display RSS feeds for real time data such as news, sports, weather, etc.
  8. LEDs must be lifetime rated at 100,000 hours. Lifetime is defined as the point at which the LED degradation reaches 50% original brightness.
  9. Color Capability: Display must be capable of displaying 18 Quadrillion possible colors.
  10. Matrix: LED display will be no less than 54 pixels high x 126 pixels wide.
  11. Character Capability: LED display will show no less than 6 lines of text with 25 characters across. Minimum character size must be no greater than 4”. Display will have ability to display true type fonts as well as fixed-width fonts.
  12. LED & Pixel Density: LED display must have no fewer than 3,670 pixels per square meter and 11,010 LEDs per square meter. Total LED count for this specific display should be no less than 20,4121(6804 red LEDs, 6804 green LEDs, 6804 blue LEDs).
  13. Communication: LED display must use 4G Cellular Modem and include lifetime date plan.
  14. Software must be capable of running on Windows and have the capability of editing, scheduling, proof of performances, 3rd party software importation, font editor.  Hardware requirements must be included with bid proposal.
  15. System should have password protection.  Signage software should not be auto updated without the required password.
  16. Sign must run on 120V service and not pull more than 6.00 amps per face. 
  17. Training: Display manufacturer is to provide lifetime software training through webinar or other method acceptable to the District. 
  18. Total bid should include shipping FOB to destination.
  19. Ventilation: Sign should not require air conditioning. Ventilation must be via front of display and should not require filters. If filters are required, bid proposal must include service requirements and recommended filter replacement and costs associated therewith.
  20. LED display manufacturer must have a minimum of 10 years continuous experience manufacturing LED display modules and display cabinets under the same business name.
  21. LED display modules and cabinet(s) must be manufactured by the same company. Location of manufacturer must be included in bid proposal. If LED display broker or distributor is providing LED display, original location of manufacture and manufacturer name and credentials must be provided with bid proposal. Failure to provide this information will result in bid disqualification. Winning bidder may be asked to provide a manufacturing facility tour to district or their representative.
  22. Must have US based manufacturing facility.
  23. LED display cabinet(s) must be extruded aluminum cabinetry featuring precision mitered corners, solid welds and 30% gloss black polyurethane finish.
  24. Windowless Design: LED modules must be mounted to the front of the cabinet without being covered by a Lexan or other transparent face.
  25. Display Access: LED display must have front access for maintenance and repair.
  26. LED modules must be encapsulated for protection from the environment and be fully submersible under water to demonstrate weatherproof capability. Upon receipt of award, winning bidder must provide a demonstration of the LED module running under water. LED modules provided in the specified display must have the same weatherproofing capability as the demo unit.
  27. Warranty: Display shall carry a minimum of 5-year parts warranty. Display manufacturer will send replacement or exchange parts via a maximum 2 business day delivery. Manufacturer will not charge customer up-front for exchange parts and will credit the returned faulty parts prior to invoicing. The above-mentioned service will be provided for the entirety of the 5-yearparts warranty. Phone technical support, troubleshooting and basic display operation support must be provided for the entirety of the display life (10 years minimum).
  28. Content: A content CD or USB drive must be included with the manufacturer’s control software and be pre-loaded with a minimum of 1,000 pre-produced content files formatted to the display size being specified; the content must include animations and backgrounds that can be utilized on the display without size modification. The pre-produced content files need not be specific to any industry type.
  29. Lead time: Lead time for display to be on-site once contract is signed and down payment made should be no more than 4 weeks.
  30. Future Serviceability: Sign company or manufacturer to provide future service must be no more than 150 miles from Tallassee Alabama.
  31. For a bid to be considered, bidder must provide a current rate sheet for all repairs covered outside of any initial service guarantee.

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