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Art to be featured at upcoming Tallassee Now!

By Don Bryant

The murals in the lobby of Trustmark Bank were painted by Kelly Fitzpatrick, Arthur Stewart and Dovard Taunton. All three artists will be in the spotlight at this year’s Tallassee Now! event, June 9-10.

Dovard is well-known here in his hometown, of course, and many of his works will be on display at the Trophy Room as in years past.

But even though most Tallasseeans are not aware of it - even as accustomed as we are to seeing their works here - Fitzpatrick and Stewart are renowned artists as well, but famous in a much-larger circle. We have really never realized just what treasures we have in our town. But there are those out there who do realize it, and they are eager to be here in our town during Tallassee Now! this year.

A visit to will explain: those two artists were instrumental in organizing and participating in the first-ever art colony in the Southeastern U.S., back in the 30’s and 40’s, on the banks of Lake Jordan near Deatsville. They (and numerous others who spent their summers at the Art Colony) have a “fame and following” of their own, and many of their “fans” from out of town will be here during TallasseeNOW! to see “our” murals, as well as some of those artists’ works that have never been on public display before. And it’s open to all of us here in town as well.

Friday evening, June 9, 6:00 - 7:30, a reception (open to everyone) will be held in the lobby of Trustmark, with descendants of some of the original Dixie Art Colony participants on hand. Light refreshments will be served. Works by Fitzpatrick and Stewart will be displayed in the lobby and in the Bank Annex at that time, as well as from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. the next day - Saturday, June 10. A video will also be available for viewing, explaining more about the Art Colony.

There is no admission charge for any of the exhibits, which are presented by the Dixie Art Colony in collaboration with Tallassee’s McCraney-Cottle Arts Council.

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