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By Lacey Brewer (Ward Seven Tallassee City Schools Board Member)

Board Meeting - Feb. 20, 2018

Paul Cole spoke before the board.

Micah Cook gave an update about the changes he has made at Southside Middle School.

The updated Strategic Plan overview was reviewed.

Board policies were introduced about fundraising and change of terminology for Parent/Family Engagement.

The CNP Procurement plan was approved.

A resolution in support of a new high school was approved.

The board approved the use of consulting services related to building construction and related issues.

Mayor Johnny Hammock spoke of potential tax increases for the city.  Some of these funds, if approved, would go to help build a new school.  Chief Matt Higgins and Eric Jones spoke of the safety issues with the number of entrances at the high school, and the damage if a fire occurred in its current state.

Superintendents Report:
We are continually working on improvements for safety at our schools.
There will be a joint work session with the Tallassee City Council on Feb. 26 at 4:30 pm.
An overview of the State Report Card was discussed.

The board unanimously approved a proclamation in support of the superintendent, administrators, and teachers.

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