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A thank you letter from ACTS

By Barry Adair, Director

As we reflect on the previous year with all its changes and uncertainties and as we approach a new year we would like to take this time to express our gratitude to all those who support A.C.T.S. Even though this may sound like a broken record to some,  on behalf of A.C.T.S we would like to say “Thanks” to all  who allow us to continue the mission of assisting those in need.

Those would include the City of Tallassee for the generous use of our building, the member churches that provide financial and food support, several businesses, civic groups, foundations, and individuals. To the local students who assist in local food drives, preparing and boxing our food for Christmas and have helped with painting and other maintenance needs. 

Our local media who keep our residents informed of what is going on at A.C.T.S. Although they were not able to hold the local food drives this year, the local post office has been instrumental in supporting us through the years in helping supply our food needs. And lastly but by no means least, we want to offer a heartfelt thank you for all our volunteers who invest their time, whether daily, weekly, or seasonal, you are very much appreciated.

Again, thanks to all who help us in helping those in our community.