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Art/Quest programs propel TES students

By Michael Butler

Tallassee Elementary School has added two new electives to the curriculum this year; Art and Quest. TES principal Jose Reyes spoke about the additional classes.

"I talked with the parents last year," said Reyes. "The arts are very important to this community. We're very fortunate to include it into our curriculum. Quest is a math and science enrichment program."

The students rotate the programs in addition to computer, library and physical education for kindergarten to fourth grade.

Mrs. Battles with TES art students

"We got to make our own monster," second grader Claire Keahey said, who made her monster in the form of a pilgrim in Art class. She also was amazed with a project in her Quest Class. "(We) had a baggy of water and we poked a pencil through it and nothing leaked."

Claire's older sister, Ava is a fourth grader. "I like when we do experiments," she said. "We had a bowl of water and pepper. When we rub soap on our finger and put it in the water the pepper went to the sides."

Tara Battles is the instructor for Art. Miesha Jackson leads the Quest program. "(They) help us learn step by step," Ava added.

Reyes plans on having an art show in November to show off some of the kids work.

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