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School returns with COVID protections

By Michael Butler

When the school year started back in August, it began with a mix of virtual and in-classroom students daily for the first few weeks. As students return after the holiday break, the system is returning to the same schedule.

"In light of recent surges in COVID-19 the TCS administration is making some adjustments," superintendent Dr. Brock Nolin said. "We feel it is necessary to keep our students and staff safe while providing sound educational practices and facilities."

The virtual learning method has been an option for those who prefer it since the onset of the school year. By requiring a mix of days on campus, the number of students in the halls of the schools decreases even more.

Students will be in A and B groups just as they were to start the school year cycle. The A group returned to the classroom on Monday, Jan. 4. The B group returned the following day. Coursework is being completed on-line by students not on campus.

"We will continue this routine through the Lee/King Holiday," Nolin said in a release. "All students will return on Tuesday, Jan 19 to their respective campus."

The A/B schedule could be extended beyond Jan. 19 however.

"The TCS administration will monitor cases and conditions during the rotational days. If the data supports an extension to the rotation, that decision will be made accordingly and with enough notice for all parents and staff to plan."

Extracurricular activites have resumed with seating restrictions. Read more on the alloted number of tickets for athletic events in this week's Sports.