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Trivial knowledge put to the test

By Griffin Pritchard

People have heads filled with random knowledge. For instance, Kurt Russell's truck in the movie "Big Trouble in Little China" was named the "Porkchop Express," and Spain was banned from the paralympic games was banned from the 2000 Olympics for enlisting healthy athletes in an attempt to bring home the gold. 

The Tallassee Community Development Corporation - in partnership with Cozumel Mexican Restaraunt - wants you to bring that head full of knowledge and put it to the test. The CDC, for a handful of weeks now has been hosting a weekly Trivia Night every Thursday at Cozumel. 

City councilwoman Sarah Hill (far left) and mayor Johnny Hammock (far right) are regulars

The goal is to bring the community together with an event that is competitive, fun and of course, family friendly. It's also a great way to utilize and support a popular local business. 

The cost is $25 per team (max of six per team) and covers the five rounds of questions. Topics range from Movies and Music to Alabama history to the ever popular - Potpourri (which is the Jeopardy term for Random Questions loosely collected under one theme). The pot is split each week with part of it going to the winner, part of it going into the pot to be given away at the end of the month and a portion given to the restaurant. 

At the end of the month, in this case Aug. 1, the big pot will be up for grabs. Team scores are cumulative, which encourages the teams and people to be a part of the fun on a regular basis. 

Registration for Trivia begins at 6:30 every Thursday and is played in the party room at Cozumel. Questions begin around 7. The game typically lasts an hour. 

For additional questions contact your hosts Griffin Pritchard and Tristan Sgarlata.