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Hannah (left) and Haywood

Tech Pros now open in Tallassee

By Michael Butler

There is a new business in town with some familiar faces. Tech Pros is open in the Hampton Place Shopping Center at 466 Gilmer Avenue.

BrianLee Hanna owns the venture. He, Johnathon Haywood, Tommy Lawrence and Austin Davidson were the techies that operated WebDevil Design and Computer Solutions in downtown Tallassee. Customers can expect the same services. Tech Pros is a subsidiary of WebDevil Design.

Tech Pros will offer mobile phones and tablet sales and repair, plus printing services including copies and banners.

"We don't even have any signage up yet, and we're already swamped," Hanna said.

Haywood likes the location."There is more traffic and visibility here, especially for sales," he said.

Hanna added that having Super Foods as a neighbor is convenient for customers. "People drop their phone off and do their grocery shopping. By the time they get out their phone is repaired."

Haywood will continue doing commercial and residential IT work, as well as website and graphic design. Lawrence, a senior tech, and Davidson, a junior tech, will help with computer repairs.

(From left): Hanna, Haywood, Lawrence, Davidson

Hanna is dedicating the business to his late grandmother, Carolyn Jean Haynes, just as Haywood did with WebDevil Design in memory of his mom, Janell Dillard.

A grand opening is scheduled for August. 32 gig iPads will be on sale for $199 each. A door prize will be given away.

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