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Smooth start to school year

By Leigh Anne Butler

After seven years of planning and construction for the new Tallassee High School building, the new school year is off to a smooth start.

“It has been a really good start to the school year,” Brock Nolin, superintendent of Tallassee City Schools stated. “This is starting my fourth year, and this is the smoothest start I’ve had. I’ve known nothing but Covid and construction.

“Teachers have done well. Students have done well. We’re just going to keep rocking and rolling.”

On Saturday, Aug. 19 the high school hosted a community open house.

“It was a good event. I was glad we were able to showcase this product that we’ve been working on for so many years,” Nolin continued. “I don’t think we did a head count, but we had a lot of visitors. We had some current students that served as tour guides. The alumni that were able to come back loved it.”

Assistant Principal Brooke Barron with high school teacher and coach John Mask at the THS ribbon cutting

With the completion of the new school, the portable classrooms have been removed from the campus. The band practice field, which housed most of the units, is back to full capacity, providing a full field for the band and P.E. classes to use.

Attendance has been up so far this school year.

“When it comes to our state report card, attendance is a part of our score. We want to make sure our parents get our kids to school. Not much learning happens if they’re at home. Every time a child is at school, they are learning, and it also helps our district. We appreciate parents getting them to school.”

The new fine arts center already has events scheduled. The Missoula Children’s Theatre, which is sponsored by the McCraney-Cottle Arts Council is slated to return this school year and will take place in the new performance space.

“We also have several dates set through the state music association where students are going to come in to do ensemble performances,” Nolin added. “We have an excellent space that seats 644 and has 10 ADA spaces for wheelchairs.”