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Meredith Hill practices techniques on instructor Golden

First self-defense course complete

By Michael Butler

The Tallassee Recreation Department's inaugural self-defense course has its first class of graduates. The six-week program concluded last week. Instructor Rick Golden is impressed with the results.

"It's been a learning experience for me," Golden said. "It caused me to do a lot of training as well."

Six female students participated and more have signed up for the next class scheduled for January.

"We love our teacher," the students exclaimed in their final class.

"It's awesome," said Meredith Hill. "These are good things that will help you in life."

Samantha Charlton works on the dummy

Samantha Charlton agreed. "It was really educational," Charlton said of the class. "The difference between defense and assault is one punch. I leaned what other people are capable of and what I'm capable of."

"Pay attention to your surroundings," April Stout said. "Don't be on your cell phone."

"Your best defense is awareness," added Golden. "I gave them exercises to do during the week. They'd come back and tell me how amazing it is to see things you've never noticed before."

Golden and the class studied criminal activity and what to watch for.

"Criminals want something materially from you. Give them what they want and take the deal. A lot of them are cowards. They want an easy target. If you ever watch National Geographic, the way tigers and lions hunt is to watch the herd and take the weakest one. That's kind of what criminals do too."

The second class is scheduled for Jan. 11. Those interested in joining the class may contact the department at 334-283-4726.

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