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Materials from the old school

THS deconstruction underway

By Michael Butler

Before a new school on the Tallassee High School campus can be constructed, the old building must come down. The process has begun.

Tallassee City Schools Superintendent Dr. Brock Nolin calls that process "selective demolition." The plan to retain pieces of the high school built in 1929 requires some tedious work.

"The demo company has already started," Nolin said. "They're taking the columns off and arches down. They're almost 100 years old. We trying to restore those and 5,000 square feet of flooring and 5,000 bricks."

Those relics will be available at some point for THS alumni. Some pieces of wood from the school were given as parting gifts to the Class of 2021 at graduation.

Courtesy of Tallassee City Schools

"It's been on the capital improvement plan for at least 20 years," Nolin said of building a new school. "The previous four superintendents have had some type of work in trying to get it to come to fruition."

Coin that was attached to old floor

The completion date for the new facility is sometime in 2022.

"We've got three dates. The ideal date for the general contractor is July of '22. The sign says, September of '22. I'm a little pessimistic. I'm going to say December of '22. I'd love to occupy that building in July."

Nolin said that so far everything is progressing at a good rate despite some hurdles.

"I can not complain about the responsiveness of the general contractor and their subs. In a time when lead time on materials has been extended, they've been very responsive."

WTLS Interview, June 15, 2021

Photo by Kyle Thornton