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Stewart gave advice to live by

By Michael Butler

Daniel "Bubba" Stewart, Jr. passed away last week. I considered him a friend. He was only 47-years-old.

Bubba was being held in Elmore County Jail. Reports indicate that he was picked up in the woods near Neman Road and intoxicated.

A little more than a month ago, I saw him at McDonalds in Tallassee. At the time he was living in a wooded area near the Tallapoosa River.

I offered to help him out. All I did was utilize the resources we have right here in Tallassee. Barry Adair with A.C.T.S. provided some food for Bubba. Minister Mike McElroy assisted with getting him some shelter.

Several years back, Bubba and I played baseball together on the Babe Ruth Cardinals. We were young teenagers. Those were innocent times.

The latter years were different for Bubba. He ended up doing prison time because of drugs. He spoke openly on my radio show about it and how the decisions we make early in life can have lasting effects down the road.

"I had been terrified of (drugs) my whole life because of what my parents told me," he said. "The first time I drank was the first time I did drugs. I did it all in one night. It affected a lot of decisions that I made from that point forward, which eventually wound me up going to state prison as well as federal prison. I did about eight years total. I know the decision that I made that night led me in that direction."

When Bubba was released in 2010 he was given a new lease on life.

"You're almost scared to believe that you're actually free. I couldn't sleep for about three days. I just couldn't believe I was out. It was a horrible thing to go through. I would never wish it on anyone. It was a terrible nightmare."

Bubba had health issues. He had flatlined twice and needed a pacemaker to keep him alive. He said, "everyday is a good day." Sadly, July 27 was his last. He leaves behind four daughters; Beverly, Ashley, Bethany and Daniella.

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