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Mayor Hammock in his office at City Hall

Hammock talks about riverfront development

By Michael Butler

Tallassee mayor Johnny Hammock is considering the future of the city's landscape on the riverfront. Two structures on opposite sides of the Tallapoosa are crumbling and have been condemned.

"I'm trying to mend that bridge with Tommy Hudson," said Hammock. Hudson is the owner of the east side mill that burned earlier this year. "If he's looking to get rid of the property, what can we do to get some people to come in and look at it."

Hammock noted that cleaning up the area will be a major undertaking.

"I don't know how much it will cost to clean it up. I'm thinking over a million dollars."

The east side mill property adjacent to the water filtration plant

The west side property that included one of Tallassee's early textile mill buildings was deeded to the Tallassee Redevelopment Property.

"Our water filter plant is running at 66 percent capacity," Hammock added. "We might look at expanding the filter plant. What's going to happen when that plant is at full capacity? We've got to start thinking about our kid's future."

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