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Photo from 1963 Tallassee Welcome Guide

Pool season nears

By Michael Butler

There is a 1963 Tallassee Welcome Guide that was produced by the Chamber of Commerce. It includes interesting facts about the city including bits about industry, education and recreation.

On page 15 of the pamphlet is a photograph of the Tallassee Community Swimming Pool. Not much has changed in 55 years.

"The youth of our town are our most prized possesions," the guide noted. "We make special efforts to see that recreational needs are met. We have a modern community swimming pool and a community Recreation Center."

The Tallassee Tiger Sharks swim team has begun practice for the 2018 season at the pool which will open to the public in June.

"We've put in about $6,000 worth of new backwash filters and a new brainbox that regulates the stuff," Tallassee Recreation Director Rick Golden stated.

The 1973 Swim Team

The pool no longer meets requirements for holding swim competitions.

"ARPA, several years ago, went from the minimum depth in the shallow end from three feet to five feet. Our pool is a little longer than a competition pool," Golden added. "You've got to realize that when that pool was built, it was not built with the swim team in mind. It was built as a community swimming pool."

Coach Donna Funderburk working with the swim team

Still, the Tallassee Recreation Department has gotten a lot of laps out of the dinosaur. It is well utilized during summer months.

"Everything is done manually. We have to put all the chemicals in and keep it balanced," said Golden."Swim lessons are very popular. We have a lot of kids come through our swim program. We're also going to offer some more water aerobics. The fire department does a water rescue course. We've already got people calling about pool parties."

For more information about the pool, contact the Tallassee Recreation Department at 334-283-4726.

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