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Mill project progresses

By Michael Butler

As dollar figures approach the $2 million mark on work on the east side mill property, the improvements are visible.

"It looks so much better than it did," Tallassee Mayor Sarah Hill said of the Mt. Vernon Mills Transformation Project.

What was an eyesore is becoming more of blank canvas for a project that could be a significant attractor for the city.

Hill is optimistic that the master plan will come to fruition.

"I'm very confident. Just in touring the site with them, they told me some of the things they wanted to incorporate, so I'm very pleased. I know they are actively seeking investors."

The property has been deeded by the city to the group to aid in their efforts moving forward. Existing properties are intended for use with new additions. Ideas include mill cabins, restaurants, a museum, an amphitheater, recreational facilities, and office, event and retail space on site.

"They've met their marks," said Hill. "I'm looking forward to seeing construction start."