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Second job fair set for next week

By Michael Butler

The City of Tallassee held a job fair at the Tallassee Recreation Center on June 29. The event had a good response, so another event has been scheduled for Aug. 10 from 5-7 p.m.

"There was great turnout there," Neptune Technology Group Focus Factory Manager Ben Key said. "Right after that event we had a number of new applications. It was very encouraging."

Neptune, which held its own hiring event on July 22, will be on hand for next week's event as well.

"Mainly we're looking for second- and third-shift positions," said Ian McMillan, who is also Focus Factory Manager. "We're looking to fill about 15 positions. Some of them are new positions that we're creating because we're starting to grow. Business is picking up, so we have to get staffed up to get ready for the next year. The pandemic is lifting and we're ready to go."

Neptune is nearing its 50th anniversary. The industry opened in Tallassee in 1972.

"It's tough to find people," McMillan said of the downward shift in the workforce being experienced nationwide. "There's a shortage of workers."

Approximately 500 employees work at the facility on Highway 229, many with long tenures.

"People come to Neptune, they don't leave. We have several people who have over 40 years. I think I'm tracking in that directioin," said Steven Caudle, another Focus Factory Manager, who has 18 years under his belt at Neptune. "We are a family atmosphere. We care about our people. We value our people. It takes everybody to get the job done."

All interested in attending next Tuesday's event are welcome.

"If you participated in the first event as either a vendor or a job-seeker, you're more than welcome to come back and be a part of our second installment," the City of Tallassee posted on its Facebook page. "The jobs are out there and the goal is to help put Tallassee back to work."