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Tallassee grad an author and more

By Michael Butler

A Tallassee High School graduate is working on some big projects. One of which is writing books. Jatavius Thomas is a 2008 THS grad.

"I lived in Tallassee my whole life," Thomas said, "I moved to Auburn and Montgomery. I'm currently living in Atlanta.

"When I was growing up I always had a big imagination. I used to sit in my room and imagine how different things could be. I was writing songs, shorts stories and poems."

The aspiring author had his first book published in 2009. It is called, "Weird Things Happening at Southside Middle School: And Other Stories."

"I was actually working on that book while I was at Southside," said Thomas. "It's five easy to read short stories. It's for kids and young adults."

One of the stories in the book tells of a student that has gone missing.


"Have you seen Jake?"

"Yeah, he went into the washroom," I said. "Do you want me to go in and check on him?

She said it was okay that I could go in and check. I walked into the washroom but didn't see him.

"Jake! Jake! Jake!" I called, but there seemed to be no sign of him.


Thomas has written a couple of children's books. The other is titled, "The Day I Started Liking Carrots."

"It was released this year. It's about a young child who hates to eat healthy foods. He learns that eating healthy is not so bad. Inside the book are recipes for parents."

Thomas is working on other books on healthy eating. His book, "Blinded by Love," is written for adult readers and was released in 2019.

"I probably can write a book in two days," he said.

It is not just writing that occupies Thomas' time. He also has a clothing line.

"It's called Barchani Seving. It means to love all people."


That is a philosophy that has carried over to Thomas' non-profit organization called, Helping Hands: Giving a Hand to My Brothers and Sisters.

"I started it in 2018. I've always liked to help people, especially the homeless, less fortunate and a lot of people who are incarcerated. We send them care packages, hygiene products, groceries and things to read. It's something I'm still working on."

For more information on Thomas' books, go online to Google Books.