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The Napiers
Courtesy of HGTV

Tallassee makes bid for HGTV

By Michael Butler

HGTV's "Home Town" program has big plans. The show, hosted by Ben and Erin Napier, is taking renovation to a new level.

Plans are to renovate an entrire town with "Home Town Takeover." Some people around Tallassee have taken note and plan to submit entries with hopes to bring "Home Town" to their hometown.

Brad Davis of the Community Development Corporation encourages Tallasseeans to enter Tallassee for the contest.

"There were some ideas that we should send in one and see how it works," Davis said. "Then it was kicked around to have multiple applications. That's where we are now."

HGTV requests up to five photos (500KB or less in .JPEG or .PNG) but preferably one video (500MB or less in .mp4, .mov, .avi, .mpeg, .3gp).

"Can you imagine if we send as many as possible? Here's an exciting byproduct of that anyway - if we're not chosen - it sparks people's imagination of what could be done. Our role as a Community Development Corporation is try to bring the community together."

Nominations will be accepted until Feb. 4. Only towns with populations under 40,000 are eligible. The program will have six episodes and may include more than just home renovation depending on the chosen town's biggest needs.