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Hammock addresses salary

By Michael Butler

Tallassee mayor Johnny Hammock said, "Because you hear it on Facebook or at a local gas station does not mean it's true."

Hammock said that rumors of a $10,000 annual raise are false. He did receive a mayoral raise of $1,500 per year shorlty after being elected in 2017 when city employees were given a raise.

"I didn't ask for that raise," Hammock said. "(Councilman) Bill Godwin brought it up, 'You're a city employee. We're going to give you a raise.' It passed 6-1. I'm not going to turn down a raise."

Hammock is also compensated as head of city utitlities.

"I'm going to give you an example of what I do as superintendent of utilities," he said. "I hate patting myself on the back, but I feel I've got to defend myself when people attack me. When I came into office there was one company that we were doing business with that we were making about $89,425 a year on servicing them. Now, with the contract negotiations I've made with them, we are making $804,825. Look at the difference."

There was an ad that ran in 1980s for American stock brokerage firm Smith Barney with actor John Houseman as the spokesamn stating, "They earn it." Hammock feels the same way about his pay increase.

"I think I've earned a $1,500 raise. The average salary for the superintendent of utilities in the state is $69,000 per year. I make $26,500. I make $24,000 for being the mayor."

Hammock has annouced his candidacy for re-election in 2020.

"I need another term. I'm tired of, 'He ain't running again. He's going back to Tuscaloosa.' My wife just opened a business here. We're here to stay. It's not about the money. I made more money before this. I love this town. I never served my country in the military. This is my way of serving my town."

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