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Over 2,500 vote locally in Tuesday's election

Staff Report

U.S. presidential ballots might still be getting counted, but the numbers are in here in Tallassee. President Donald Trump received roughly 63 percent of the votes cast in Alabama. The percentage was even higher in Tallassee.

There were 2,531 who voted in Tallassee on Tuesday. There were 1,171 who voted in the recent municipal election, although the city's polling spots are open to non-residents outside of city elections.

Trump received a total 1,904 votes or 75 percent to Joe Biden's 584. Trump won at Tallaweka (81%) and City Hall (80%), while Biden was on top in Jordanville (88 percent).

Tallassee Election Totals

Tallaweka (1,697 votes cast)
Trump: 1,371 (81%)
Biden: 294 (17%)
Jorgensen: 22
Write-ins: 5

City Hall: (641 votes cast)
Trump: 511 (80%)
Biden: 122 (19%)
Jorgensen: 5
Write-ins: 1

Jordanville: (193 votes cast)
Biden: 168 (88%)
Trump: 22 (11%)
Jorgensen: 2