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Cleaning up the town

By Michael Butler

Eleanor Stagner has moved 23 times in her 84 years.  She’ll have been a Tallassee citizen for nine years this May.

Chances are you’ve seen Eleanor.  She can be seen quite regularly up and down the streets of East Tallassee stuffing a plastic bag with rubbish.

A native Alabamian, Eleanor was born in Hamilton.  Prior to her most recent move back to Alabama, she lived in Arkansas.

“They teach their kids to love their state,” she said.  “I was shocked to see the litter in Alabama.  There’s a sign that says “Alabama the Beautiful,” and there’s litter all around it.  Tallassee’s terrible in some spots.”

Eleanor walks with her Yorkshire Terrier, Sadie.  On this particular Saturday, the pooch was back at home taking a nap.

“I saw Truett Grant,” for whom one of the East Tallassee streets is named. “I said you don’t look 90. He said, ‘How old do I look?’  I said 95,” she joked.

“A lady saw me and said you look good,” Eleanor continued. “She said you look like you just jumped out of a magazine.  I said, what - Popular Mechanics or Good Housekeeping?” 

Maybe Eleanor’s good deeds are catching on.  Other groups of walkers in the neighborhood can be seen cleaning up.

“I don’t like to see litter,” Eleanor stated. “I wish the young kids wouldn’t do it.  I’d like to see them love their community. Kids need to be taught, but they do what their parents do.”

Eleanor said a day will come when the next generation will have to pick up the slack.

“It’s going to get where I can’t do it anymore because of my back problems, not old age.”

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