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Always the good sport... CW during the ice bucket challenge with Trey Taylor (right) and Miles Hathcock

He was Tallassee's favorite son

By Michael Butler

Carl Wayne Mullins was my friend. He was a friend to everyone who knew him. And everyone that knew him loved him.

The great "CW" passed away on Saturday, Sept. 16. He was 59.

I met Carl Wayne when I was just four-years-old. My family bought a house next door to his. We became neighbors and CW became my best friend.

We were more than few years apart in age. CW was in high school. I was in preschool. But it didn't matter. We played football, baseball and basketball every day of the week.

I'm sure I was a pest to him, but he never let on; maybe a grumble or two about me knocking on his door while his wrestling was on TV. Still, he still never turned me down.

When I moved to the other side of the river, I missed seeing my East Tallassee friends, but I missed CW the most.

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Middle School
High School
After School

I've known the Mullins' family most of my life and have always been fond of them. Carl's older brother, Earl worked at WTLS. Our new home was next door to the radio station, so Earl became my neighbor again. His interest was in broadcasting. The two of us spent our afternoons at WTLS for years. He died when he was only 38.

It was "Dr." Earl's dream to team up with me and rule the airwaves some day. After college and a few other radio jobs, I returned to Tallassee when I was 26. Dr. Earl would've had his time in the spotlight, but CW stepped into his shoes.

At first, CW would drop in during ballgames and remote broadcasts. Soon after, he was a regular guest on our daily shows. He became a radio star.

Friday mornings were Carl Wayne's time to shine. We hosted the "Wake-Up Call" together for more than ten years creating "CW's Losers" and "Friday Fun Day."

Time with CW, on the air or anywhere else was always fun. He always had a smile and his trademark giggle.

CW presenting longtime friend James Bush with the Football Picks Trophy
Carl catching some zzz's with Jimmy K. Lanier at a remote radio broadcast
CW and I at the homecoming pep rally at Tallassee High School
The "deuces are wild" says Carl Wayne, a tradition at THS baseball games
Cee Dub hamming it up with Eddie Stephens (left) and Brent Langley
CW behind the mic during WTLS' "Deal or No Deal" contest

Many remember CW from his days as an employee at Tallassee High School. He loved the Tallassee Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide. He was almost always wearing a crimson shirt (except maybe at church). He really was the Tide's biggest fan. He loved ribbing his Auburn friends, primarily James Bush. The two were always together.

CW's best line about Auburn... "Since Auburn's so good in swimming, why don't they take Jordan-Hare Stadium and make a swimming pool out of it."

The wonders of Photoshop

He had so many other good quotes, most are heard on promos for WTLS.

At a Tallassee basketball game, Tallassee trailed 3-2 after a few minutes of play. CW uttered, "It's 3-2, so we're still in the game."

Always thoughtful, CW had purchased a hat for a friend's birthday. We asked, 'What kind of hat is it?' He responded, 'The kind you put on your head.'

Name a profession someone with fear of heights should never consider? CW: "Bungee jumping."

Name something you can use more of in your home? CW: "Freshner."

That cofee keeps you awake. What kind do you drink? CW: "Decaf."

I really could write a book. That's why I am truly grateful for the time I had with CW. There will be a great void for all; the breakfast bunch at McDonald's, the Tallassee Tiger fans, his church family... and me - the one who looked forward to seeing him waddle to my car before dawn every Friday morning.

There will never be another like CW.

CW and the THS cheerleaders in 2013

CW Highlights
CW's Greatest Hits

Chuck Totty: Rest in peace sweet soul. Your brother Earl has you back now. God has you in his hand and that is truth.

Todd Blocker: Sad day in Tallassee for we have truly lost a icon of this town.

Tony Giosiosa: Deuces are wild! I'm gonna miss my baseball buddy. Love you Carl Wayne.

Shannon Monroe: I don't ever remember a time growing up in East Tallassee or attending THS when Carl Wayne wasn't there. He loved this little town, and this town loved him. One thing is for sure...he is rejoicing in heaven right now because he was the epitome of goodness and Godliness. I hope the town will honor him as he should be. RIP CW!  #222DeucesAreWild #ABigRollTideToYou

Amy Wood: You were loved by many. RIP Carl Wayne. Roll Tide in heaven.

Jimmy Jnes: I think a little piece of us all passed today. I dare say no one in Tallassee was more liked than CW.

Brandi Smith: We loved to listen to him in the mornings. He made us laugh everyday, especially CW Losers!

Jeremy Brantley: Michael and the rest of the WTLS gang... Prayers for all of you. I know we all loved CW and he surely will be missed. Rest in peace good friend. I looked forward to every Friday morning just because CW would be on the show. He was hilarious and didn't even know how funny he truly was. Such a good heart and would do anything to help anyone.

Brent Langley: Deuces are indeed wild. I'll never a hike my pants up over my belly and not think of my friend. I don't know anybody who knew him who did not love him.

Michele Giosiosa: It breaks my heart that CW has passed away. He was the most humble loving person you will ever meet. He always had a smile on his face and a kind word for everyone. He was my baseball buddy in the press box and I will never forget his, "2, 2, 2 - deuces wild!" RIP CW

Brandon Fomby: Carl Wayne is a legend - an icon at Tallassee sporting events and at the local restaurants If I could sum up "CW" in one word it would be - love. Carl Wayne LOVED. He loved Alabama Football. He loved Tallassee athletics. He loved the people of Tallassee. He loved to eat! He loved his friends. He loved His Eyes Ministry. He loved his church. He loved his Savior, Jesus Christ. ROLL TIDE, Carl Wayne!

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