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(Left to right): Brad Davis, Jennifer Bennett, Brent Langley

Few 'fireworks' at candidates forum

By Michael Butler

Overall, the forum held at the Kent Community Center on Saturday night was just that, a forum for candidates to discuss the issues with the upcoming March 5 primary for Elmore County Commission District 2 just weeks away.

There were a few fireworks, however. Those fireworks were not the same variety as the ones sold at stands a stone's throw away at the four-way stop.

The somewhat heated moment came when the candidates; Jennifer Bennett, Brent Langley and Brad Davis, were asked a question about annexation by Kent community resident Elizabeth Miller. Each answered that they were not in favor of the idea, then Miller directed a follow-up at Davis.

"Were you not for annexing us in to get Trey Taylor in so he could run for mayor?"

Taylor was in attendance and responded himself.

"Brad Davis ain't got nothing to do with that annexation. That was me," Taylor exclaimed. "Do not drag Brad Davis into this."

Davis spoke up after the exchange.

"I did have someone from the area ask me if I was at that meeting," Davis stated. "I've never been to a meeting here until I came to a Kent community meeting just a couple of weeks ago."

The meeting regarding annexation came several years ago when dignitaries from the City of Tallassee spoke to Kent residents about the idea.

"I'm not for annexation," Davis added.

Bennett and Langley also talked about annexation in general.

"I'm against it," said Bennett. "People move out in the county to do what you want to do. The only reason why anybody should ever be annexed is if the entire area wants (it)."

Langley was also on the same page.

"I absolutely disagree with being annexed in especially without 100 percent approval from everybody," he said. "I would not live in the city limits unless I wanted to. I love where I'm at now. To me it's kind of a taxation without representation."

Approximately 50 attendees filled the community center for the intimate get-together. The event was video streamed on Tallassee Times TV and is available on Facebook for those who would like to watch the full-length webcast.

Some of those in the audience on Saturday