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Combating COVID-19 with computers

By Michael Butler

Computer guru Bob Grosh has a weekly radio segment on WTLS called, "Bob's Bytes." Grosh, who resides in Tallahassee, Fla., covers the gamut of technology every Tuesday morning at 7:45.

Now Grosh has an idea on how to take on the coronavirus with the help of his Tallassee radio listeners.

"The world's fastest computer, the Summit, can probably find a cure for the coronavirus," Grosh said. "There are about 400,000 people running a client on their computer to do calculations to unfold the proteins in the COVID virus."

Grosh has a Bob's Bytes blog with a link to how people can use their computers to help, in particular those in the Tallassee area.

"I created a new team called Tallassee. It's the Tallassee COVID Busters," he said. "You can join a team. There is a team Alabama. This thing just runs in the background."

The site connects to

"You install the client," said Grosh. "It won't hurt your computer in any way or slow you down. Join our team. Enter the team name "Tallassee" or the team number 261551."

Get more information on how folding is combating the coronavirus on their website.