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(Left to Right): Isaac, Jeremiah, Jaden

Cochrans pay tribute to Robinson

By Michael Butler

Generations know about Jackie Robinson for breaking the color barrier in baseball. Tributes to the legend are exercised in major league ballparks every season.

In Tallassee, a trio of brothers are honoring Robinson in the Dixie Youth League.

The Cochrans; Isaac (12), Jeremiah (11) and Jaden (10), are sporting the different jersey numbers worn by Robinson during his professional career.

The boys' father, Josh, is their coach.

"Before the season, I let the boys watch "42." Even though it had some language, we thought it would be good for them to watch it and see what he went through," Josh said. "Jeremiah said, 'I want to wear 42,' out of respect and honor.

"Pee Wee Reese said, 'One day we'll all wear 42.'"

The number 42 is now retired throughout the big leagues. Every year, Major League Baseball has a Jackie Robinson Day.

Jeremiah got dibs on Robinson's 42 that he wore with the Brooklyn Dodgers. "I said, 'Sure, I'll be number 42.'"

Isaac wears Robinson's number 5 symbolic of Robinson's tenure with the Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro League. Albert Pujols, one of Isaac's favorite players, also dons the 5. Baseball is his favorite sport. "It's fun playing with all of us on the same team," Isaac added.

The brothers also play basketball and soccer and are quite competitive with their siblings. "It's pretty competitive when we're playing against each other in the yard," Jaden said.

Jaden wears number 9, Robinson's number while in the minors in Montreal. "I haven't got much of a story," he noted. "I wanted to be number 10, but it was taken. So, I just went with 9. I knew (it) was his number."

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