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Diagram of downtown cemetery
Bill Goss/Images of America

Tallasseee in Pictures:

By Michael and Leigh Anne Butler

Much of Tallassee's history lies in its cemeteries.

From Native American burial grounds at Tuckabatchee to church cemeteries, these sacred grounds are the resting places of many Tallassee pioneers.

The founder of Tallassee, Barent DuBois Jr., is buried at Gauntt Cemetary of Gauntt's Mill Road. The gravesite was originally located in downtown Tallassee. Many of the graves from downtown were moved in the early 1900s. Some were not, according to E. W. Wadsworth, author of "A History of Tallassee."

"Some 25 bodies still remain in the old cemetery over which pass daily hundreds of cars and trucks," Wadsworth wrote.

Tallassee's main cemeteries today are Rose Hill on the west side of the Tallapoosa River and Carrville Cemetery in East Tallassee.

Some markers date back to the 1800s, including Civil War veterans. A substantial number graves for young children indicate the contrast in life expectancy and infant mortality in the early days of Tallassee.

Rose Hill Cemetery

View from the west side of Rose Hill

Grave of Barent DuBois, founder of Tallassee, at Gauntt's Cemetery

Milly DuBois, wife of Barent. Courtesy of "The Tallassee Armory" by Olivia Solomon

Headstone for infant grave at Rose Hill

Unmarked grave at Rose Hill

Foggy morning at Rose Hill

Smith babies, who passed away about one year apart

Markers at Rose Hill Cemetery

Stone encased plot for Barnett/Micou family

The monument on the left is for Thomas Barnett, who married his cousin Martha Micou

Thomas Barnett rode through the Tallassee area on horseback in the 1820s and recognized the potential for industrial development. He and William Marks purchased the riverfront property from Barent DuBois for $7,000 in the 1840s and built Tallassee's first mill.

Madison Lambert (

Lambert was wounded in the Civil War in 1864 requiring his leg to be amputated below the knee

Early 1900s photograph of Confederate veterans on the steps of the "Old White Store" in Tallassee. Madison "Matt" Lambert is pictured on the front right. Courtesy of the Tallassee Historical Preservation Society.

Lemuel Tenison served in the Confederate 4th Alabama Infantry, Company B

Service record
(National Archives)

Vernon Harper died in combat during WWII

William Price was also killed in action in WWII

Blount family plot. The Blounts built St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church and Seven Gables.

Graves of Roberts and Mildred Blount. Roberts was the president of the Bank of Tallassee. His wife Mildred was a philanthropist known for the Blount Foundation.

A rare above ground tomb at Rose Hill

Entry to Carrville Cemetery

Plot for the Carr family, namesakes for the town of Carrville and the Carrville Cemetery, originally known as the Carr Family Cemetery.

Within a six-year time frame, the Harriess family lost three children under the age of two

James Ashurst was a first-lieutenant in the Confederate Army, who was promoted to captain. He was wounded before the Battle of Gettysburg.

There are many unidentified graves like this moss-covered river rock. It was typical for families not to have the finances for engraved markers.

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