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Bink remembered

Staff Report

Members of the Tallassee community are mourning the death of 22-year-old Shikeria “Bink” Tatum.  Tatum was found in an apartment on Joy Street in Tallassee on July 7.

Graveside services were held Monday at Tuckabatchee Cemetery.

An investigation is ongoing by Tallassee Police.  The department issused a release on its Facebook page earlier this week. 

“We are actively investigating a death that occurred today. This is an ongoing case and we are waiting on some information from the Department of Forensic Sciences. We have already seen people posting/sharing false information.  If you have information please contact us. Our prayers are with those who have lost a loved one.”

A gathering of friends held a candlelight vigil in downtown Tallassee. City councilmen Damian Carr and Terrel Brown were among those paying their respects.

“In times like this, prayer is needed,” Carr said. “Think about the family. You never know what they’re going through. Let’s continue to love on this family and lift them up in anyway we can.”

“What we’re here for today is to remember Bink,” Brown said. “Bink wasn’t just a regular person, she was loved by many. By all you being out here that pushes them to work even harder so that justice will be served. They are using all their resources now to solve this case.”

Neva Tatum, Bink’s mother, also spoke at the vigil.

“I knew my daughter, her personality and how she carried herself, so I’m not surprised to see everybody here tonight. It means so much that everybody is coming together for my baby. I had my daughter at 14. For the most part, I was a single parent. Basically, we grew up together. We have to learn to live without her now.

“Please continue to pray. Pray for all my sisters and brothers. Y’all know the Tatums. Y’all know we don’t bother (anybody) because we’re too busy with each other. We love each other. We stick together. This is just as hard on them as it is on me.”

“Right now we don’t know what’s going on. We don’t have any answers to questions. One thing I do believe is that with prayer, trusting in God and a strong faith in the Lord, whatever is done in the dark will come out in the light.”

“One thing I can say is that I loved her and she loved me. Hold your kids close. Don’t hold grudges and live everyday like it’s your last day. Let this not just be something that we come together to grieve, but let this be something that we learn from.”