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WTLS makes changes

Staff Report

Listeners might have recognized some differences on WTLS on April 1. And it was not an April Fool's prank.

The radio station, which began broadcasting on 1300 AM in 1954, has changed its nickname.

"We've really never had a catchphrase or slogan," owner Michael Butler said. "We've always been WTLS - and we still are. We just thought we'd add a brand to promote the new FM frequencies we've incorporated in recent years."

WTLS recently added a Pike Road channel on 94.7 FM in December of 2021. It now has made a dial position change with its other FM translator, which was launced in 2007. 106.5 FM is now broadcasting on 106.9 FM.

"We want to promote all of our channels," said Butler, "but especially these FM frequencies where most people listen."

The new imaging for the station is Score 94 and Hit 106 with the slogan - Rock and Jocks.

"Our identity is sports and music," Butler added. "We are primarily a sports and talk station, but we still play some music. The name and slogan indicate that. And it's easy to say."

WTLS also streams audio via the internet at: Select programming is also available on Facebook and Tallassee Times TV on YouTube, as well as Spectrum Cable Channel 340.