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Varner hired in Brewton

By Michael Butler

Dr. Kenneth Varner will become the new superintendent for Brewton City Schools. Varner was approved by the school board last Thursday.

Varner, who served for 20 years in the Tallassee City System with the last three as superintendent, told the Tallassee Times that he is excited about the new opportunity.

"Brewton has a great school district and should be commended for their successes," he said. "Academically, they consistently rank in the top 10% of the state.  Their athletic and band programs are first class in every regard.  The storied history of TR Miller High School is as well known and as respected as any school in the state.  Brewton has a well-trained board that is recognized as one of the most reputable in the state. In Brewton, I am convinced that I have found the perfect fit for my family and I!

"We are excited about meeting new people and making new friends as we continue our lives and professional careers in Brewton.  We are also saddened to leave behind all of the good people that we have come to know and love over the last 20 years, so many of which have expressed love for our family and concern for our future.  Tallassee will always hold special memories for us, and we will always care deeply about the students, their families, and this community that we invested so much of our lives into.  For the sake of those people, I pray that Tallassee is successful in finding a superintendent that will continue to move this district forward."

Varner reflected on his two decades spent in Tallassee.

"I have been blessed throughout my Tallassee career with opportunities for advancement.  I’ve also been blessed to work alongside good people.  I will never forget the wonderful faculty at Southside Middle School that helped me grow into the person and administrator that I am.  Similarly, the staff at the central office is more like family to me than colleagues.  They know my heart and character, and each one knows how much I love them.

"I’ve given 20 years of faithful and productive service to Tallassee City Schools and had always believed that I would retire here.  I’ve been consistently promoted up through the ranks of the district, and I have always received superior evaluations.  Naturally, I was disappointed that members of the Tallassee Board chose to not renew my contract after my most recent successful evaluation.  However, I do not believe it was by mere coincidence that the Brewton opening coincided my situation, as they have not had to hire a superintendent for 27 years.  I truly believe that the crossroads of their needs and my availability is part of God’s plan for all involved.

"Going to Brewton is still a huge leap of faith for our family.  The senior class president at TR Miller connected with me on Twitter and shared the following: “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”  I don’t believe that happened by coincidence either!"

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