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Being a THS graduate

By Suzannah Solomon Wilson

Going to school in Tallassee was, quite simply, one of the best experiences of my life.  I graduated with a strong sense of confidence that I could take on the world.

The teachers, administration, and support staff provided us with the academic and social skills needed to succeed as adults.  As a member of the Long Blue Line, Ed Watkins taught us not only to play music and march at the same time (although he found our pretty quick he needed to just let me march up and down the 50 yard line instead of having me be part of a fancy formation), but to be leaders on and off the band field.  The older I get, the more I realize what an outstanding teacher he was.

I also participated in Student Council and was very active with the Talla-Hi News and Reflections, the literary magazine, serving as editor my senior year.  Mrs. Marjorie Carter was our adviser and I would put our high school newspapers against some of the community newspapers of today.  She was that good; she gave us a task and expected us to complete it.

Mrs. Rita Jones taught me a skill that I have carried with me my whole life—typing.  When I watch people hunt and peck on a keyboard, I am so grateful to her.

In addition to those three, we had countless other teachers who taught us how to throw a ball, write a business letter, and how to write a research paper.  We learned what a 45 degree angle was, memorized the Periodic table, conversed in French, diagrammed sentences, dissected frogs and crawfish, and performed in the senior play. 

My mother always said that wherever Tallassee kids went, they stood head and shoulders above the rest.  And they continue to stand tall.  The Tallassee school system continues to produce outstanding scholars, musicians, writers, and athletes. 

One of the ways to support the students at Tallassee High School is by joining the newly formed Tallassee High School Alumni Association.  Membership dues are just $25 a year, and most of that amount is set aside for a scholarship to a THS senior.  This April we will be awarding our first $1,000 scholarship.  A small portion of the dues is used to fund the THS Hall of Pride, which recognizes alumni who have done outstanding work in Tallassee or the community in which they live.  Our 2015 inductees were Vicki Oliver Baker and Bennie Little.  The 2016 class of inductees will be announced in late January.

As a member of the THS Class of 1981, I challenge all my classmates and urge all alumni to join the association and help make a difference in our community.

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