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Brad Linville as Big Warrior

Tecumseh play a success


The Friends of Tuckabatchee presented the play “. . . and One Fire Still Burns” on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 1-3.

As part of the Alabama Bicentennial celebration, the Friends of Tuckabatchee staged the play one more time as part of the bicentennial celebration.  This marks the sixth time FoT has produced the play.  The play starred Kyle Boatwright as Tecumseh, Don Bryant as Benjamin Hawkins, and featured Isaac Kervin as Governor Wyatt Bibb, Debra Hughey as Talisi, Brad Linville as Big Warrior, Matt Hall as Seekaboo, Chad Priest as Red Eagle and Arthur Godwin  as The Ridge.

Jeanna Kervin directed the play.  The practices started about twelve weeks before, and progressed from the yard of the Patterson Log Cabin, and culminated in the Mount Vernon Theatre. 

One highlight of the play was the beautiful music of the Native American wooden flutes of Vickie Coatney Smith, Kyle Coatney and Jack Crawford, all of Tennessee.

The President of FoT, Liz Britt, was very pleased with the performance and all of the performers.  When asked what the next FoT production would be, she replied that we’d just have to wait and see.

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Kyle Boatwright as Tecumseh
Photos submitted by Bob Reed