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Trade Day in 2016

Trade Day still on the shelf for '18

By Michael Butler

Tallassee Trade Day was discontinued last year. King Street will also be vacant for the annual fall Saturday event this year.

"We're looking at some different options being in a transitional year," said Tallassee Chamber of Commerce Director Jerry Cunningham, who is in his first year on the job. "There are a lot of things about Trade Day that still work. There are a lot of things that didn't compared to the past. Actually, we're looking at different options."

Trade Day began in 1989 as an arts and crafts day with a variety of vendors. Former Chamber Director Michone Roye spoke about dwindling numbers when the decision was made to halt the the event last year.

Anita Rowland preparing cotton candy at Trade Day

"Our vendor counts have gone down, as well as those in attendence," she said. "It's not been extreme, but gradual."

The question of Trade Day coming back at a later date is still up in the air. Cunningham says if it does return it will be different.

"It was at one time a very big thing," he said. "Things have changed over the years."

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