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High school replicates classic look

By Michael Butler

If you drive along Barnett Boulevard regularly, you have noticed the progression of the new Tallassee High School. You probably have also noticed that it looks very much like the old school that was built in 1929.

"Somebody said recently, 'only in Tallassee would you build a new school that would replicate the old one,'" Tallassee City Schools Superintendent Dr. Brock Nolin said. "It was a beautiful school. Why would you want to go with some kind of modern day glass effect?"

Photo by Kyle Thornton

Nolin said decisions on design and location preceded him taking the superintendent's position.

"Other sites were considered rather than building there on site," he said. "It was determined that was the best way to go - to rebuild right in the center of the city. It's the centerpiece of our community. If you put it off in the woods behind the elementary school on some of the property that the board owns, it loses its luster."

The brickwork matches some of the existing buildings on the campus that will remain for now. Those include the annex building that faces Barnett, as well as the cafeteria and "old" gym.

"I'm glad we went classic," said Nolin.

The most recent target date for completion is Dec. 29 which could have students in the new school after the holiday break. That might be a bit optimistic though.

"Whenever we roll past January, I don't anticipate we'll have the keys," Nolin pointed out. "You'll probably have your furniture put in prior to Spring Break. From there, you're only six weeks out from May. Do you cause a big disruption trying to move everybody in or plan for the summer?"