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School starts next week

By Michael Butler

Teachers returned to work on Monday. Students in the Tallassee School System will follow suit next Monday, Aug. 8.

A return to the classrooms will mean some changes for the 2022-23 school year.

At the high school, construction continues with portable buildings being utilized. THS students will also be transitioning from class blocks to periods.

"We're on a seven-period day," Deputy Superintendent Dr. Tessie Williams said, "which will allow about 52 minutes a course period in contrast to 81 minutes for blocks. Students will be with that class for the entire year versus semester as with blocks."

Dr. Brock Nolin, before becoming superintendent of the system, taught during the block days himself.

"The attention span for adults is about 20 minutes," Nolin said. "(With) 51 minutes, you have to deal with more transitions, but we found with a block system the kids have lost attention. Really it's more beneficial."

Williams added that there will be a new acceleration period for high schoolers.

"30 minutes of their day is spent with direct instruction remediation or extension activities."

Nolin noted that the target date for completion of the new high school is still a moving target.

"It's about 70 percent done. There's a lot going on inside. Our contractors are very optimistic, but I told Mr. (Drew) Glass to go ahead and prepare for 2023. It'd be a small miracle if we can move in at Christmas. We're in good shape. I talked with a superintendent who said, 'You've got a place to put kids and school's about to start. I have nowhere to put my kids.'"

Students now from kindergarten to 12th grade are using iPads.

"We have a position in the district," Williams added, "where the sole responsibility is to connect the curriculum to the technology."

Also new this year, Tallassee Elementary School is implementing a new music program.

"There is an entire elementary school curriculum that covers all facets from playing instruments to voice to choir," Nolin added.