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Target date for new THS now September

By Michael Butler

The school year has ended, but the next one begins in just a few months. The first day back in classrooms for Tallassee students will be Aug. 8.

The latest projection on completion of the new high school is Sept. 28. So you're saying there is a chance?

Superintendent Dr. Brock Nolin noted that the likelihood of being in the new building for 9th-12th graders on day one might be a stretch. He also stated that being in by the projected date is optimistic.

Construction photos by Kyle Thornton

"That would be a miracle," said Nolin. "They're hitting a lick at it. Once that envelope is sealed they can start on the internal finishes."

Nolin is pleased with the work and effort of construction crews and their progress but understands there is still much left to do.

"Think about residential construction. You've got the slab. You throw up the frame. They dry it in. Then it's like molasses. That's why it's inconceivable. We're 60 percent finished in 18 months and we're going to finish the last forty percent in this amount of time. The numbers don't add up, but we keep working at it.

"It's going to be a great thing for the community and a quality build. That's the most pressing thing for me."

THS principal Drew Glass just completed his first year on the job in a portable building with a bird's eye view of the new school going up.

"Living the dream," said Glass. "The only thing missing is hallways. When I get hallways it'll be even better. We've made the best of it. The kids have been champs. I'm loving it every day building relationships with the students, teachers, staff and the community. It gets better every day."