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Stumberg Gym gets makeover

By Randa Patterson

Despite its name, the THS “new gym” was built in 1967. Stumberg Gymnasium has been undergoing renovations that started at the beginning of May and are expected to be completed this month.

The gym will now feature new floors which have not been redone in over 20 years. The basketball floor is the original wood and will feature a new Tiger logo in the center of the court, as well as above the home side bleachers.

New volleyball lines will also be featured on the basketball court. LED lights have been added with fresh paint on the walls and in the lobby. A new air conditioning system has also recently been installed.

When asked how he thought the kids would react to the “new gym” once returning to school, Tallassee High School principal Matt Coker replied, “I think the kids will love, enjoy it and take pride in it.”

The total cost of the renovations is approximately $25,000 and being funded by the central office.

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