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Davis looks ahead after victory

By Leigh Anne Butler

Elmore County voters participated in the state of Alabama’s primary election last Tuesday. Tallassee-area residents cast their votes for who would represent them in the Republican Elmore County Commissioner District 2 race.

Brad Davis topped Jennifer Bennett and Brent Langley. His 60.75 percent victory requires no runoff. Also, with no opposition on the democratic ticket, Davis will assume the position with incumbent Mack Daugherty choosing to end his two-term seat.

Davis ran against Daugherty in 2020 losing by 198 votes (2,042 to 1,844).

“After the last race,” Davis stated, “Mack would call me and say, ‘hey, what do you think the citizens in district two are going to think in the Tallassee and Kent area about this?’ That’s effective communicating. Communicating is going to be key with this office.”

Davis and wife Catherine

Elmore County had a 25.65 percent voter turnout for the primary election, slightly higher than the 21.05 percent statewide voter turnout. Of the 61,642 registered voters in Elmore County, 15,812 total ballots were cast.

Davis received 2,094 votes (60.75%), Bennet received 1,043 votes (30.26%), and Langley received 310 (8.99%). In Tallassee, combining the Tallaweka and Jordanville boxes, Davis received 494 votes, Bennett received 118 votes and Langley received 64 votes.

“(My position) is definitely going to be a team effort. We are always going to align ourselves with people to help us make decisions and help talk with the people in the district,” Davis elaborated.

“People are always going to have concerns and there’s only one way for me to find out what those concerns are and that is to communicate with you. I don’t have a card in my pocket, but I do have a heart that says I am going to serve the people of Elmore County. These are exciting times, not only for our district but the entire county.”