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Pre-K class moves forward

By Michael Butler

Pre-registration is ongoing for the Tallassee City School system's First Pre-K Class.

"It's a Pre-K program put on by the state. This upcoming year will be our third year," said Dr. Brock Nolin, Federal Programs/Alternative Program Coordinator. "The drawing is a true drawing. You have to put the kids' names in a hat, and we pick them out."

The school can apply for a class per 18 registrants. Kids who will be four-years-old by Sept. 1 are eligible.

"We submitted three last year and ended up with two classrooms, so we had 54 the first year apply and I think 48 last year," Nolin added. "After we do the drawing, we'll take the first 16 and put them in a classroom. The next 16 will be put in a classroom. Everybody else will be on a waiting list.

"For those who get on the waiting list, don't be discouraged. Last year, I had to pull four or five kids from the waiting list to make the second classroom. Some parents opt to go with other daycares."

Samantha Baker is one of the teachers for Tallassee's Pre-K.

"We focus on letting kids be kids but learning through play," she said. "Developmentally we're expecting a lot out of kids once they get to kindergarten, but it's our job as Pre-K teachers to get them emotionally ready to take on those challenges. Over half my class can write their name on their own already."

Pre-registration is open through Feb. 8. The drawing will be on March 6.

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