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Primary next week

By Leigh Anne Butler

Alabama voters will participate in the 2024 primary election on Tuesday, March 5. Federal, state and county offices will be on the ballot.

The polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. The polling locations for Tallassee residents are at Tallaweka Baptist Church (1419 Gilmer Avenue), God’s Congregational Church Community Center (508 Jordan Avenue) and Tallassee City Hall (3 Freeman Avenue).

The primary election draws a lot of interest because of the presidential office and several important state offices being on the ballot. For local Tallassee residents, the Elmore County Commission, District 2 Republican race has been one that has drawn a lot of attention.

There are three local candidates running on the Republican ballot for the office that is currently held by Mack Daugherty. Jennifer Bennett, Brad Davis and Robert Brent Langley will be on the ballot. This race will be decided in the primary election since there are no candidates on the Democratic ballot.

The candidates recently participated in a candidate forum held at the Kent Community Center where each was given the opportunity to introduce themselves and detail their plans if elected and answered questions from audience members.


The candidates were asked to discuss the top two things they would like to accomplish if elected.

“Communication is the number one thing,” Davis said. "As we go about communicating with people in the county, finding out what their problems are, what their needs are, that’s the way we can as commissioners going and doing and solving those problems and filling those needs. In communicating, you actually look people in their eyes, talk to them and give them the information. You don’t hide anything from them.”

Davis continued, “Going about and actually moving about in our county and talking to people. We are going to talk with people, visit with people and make sure we’re hearing what their problems are.”

“In talking with residents, citizens and the other commissioners, the two things that are on everyone’s mind are road conditions and litter,” Bennett stated. “I’m going to continue to work on the road conditions with any areas that need attention. I will enhance and work more with the litter program. I’m not sure how we got to ‘everybody can throw their trash out’ but maybe we need to start educating people about where trashcans are.”

Langley concluded, “I think that right now we have, I hate to say, disheartened law enforcement. A lot of law enforcement officers are mistreated, so to say. They are shown in a bad light. I think the boggest thing is continuing their training and also getting the young kids involved with trusting these guys.”

“As a 30-year employee with the state of Alabama,” Langley continued, “labor force has always played an important part to me. If we don’t have the labor force to put in for the jobs, there is no reason to bring new work here. I would like to see us somehow move our labor force forward.”

A runoff election date is slated for April 2, if needed.

Sample ballots for Elmore and Tallapoosa counties, as well as all other counties can be found here.