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THS to host state choral assessments


Alabama Vocal Association district-level state choral performance assessments are being held at Tallassee High School on Tuesday. This is the first major usage of the facility by other school systems.

What is SCPA? Three judges from around the southeast will be here listening to each school choir, rating them I (Superior), II (Excellent), III (Good), IV (Fair), or V (Poor) based on standards of tone production, pitch and rhythmic accuracy, balance, blend, intonation, and other musical essentials.

After the stage performance, the groups will move to sight reading, where they are again judged on the same point system but this time, singing music they've never seen before to the best of their ability.

9:15 - Tallassee 4th Period Concert Choir
9:30 - Booker T. Washington - Montgomery Public Schools
9:45 - Baldwin - Montgomery Public Schools 
10:00 - Admiral Moorer Beg. - Eufaula City Schools 
10:15 - Wetumpka - Elmore County Schools 
10:45 - East Samford Girls - Auburn City Schools 
11:00 - Booker T. Washington (top group) - Montgomery Public Schools
11:15 - Tallassee Girls (3rd/6th/7th Period)
11:30 - Admiral Moorer Adv. - Eufaula City Schools 
11:45 - East Samford Boys - Auburn City Schools 
12:30 - Enterprise (top group) - Enterprise City Schools
12:45 - Eufaula - Eufaula City Schools
1:00 - Tallassee 5th Period Chamber Choir
1:15 - Enterprise (second group) - Enterprise City Schools
1:30 - Foley - Baldwin County Schools