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Higgins with city clerk Barbara Garnett
and mayor Johnny Hammock after being introduced as chief in January of 2017

Higgins steps down

By Michael Butler

Tallassee police chief Matthew Higgins has tendered his resignation. Higgins said he hopes to spend more time with family now.

Mayor Johnny Hammock read the letter at the Dec. 14 council meeting.

"I would like to thank the good officers that have worked hard during my tenure," Higgins noted in the statement, "as well as those citizens that have supported us. I pray for the officers' continued safety."

Higgins was nearing five years in the position in Tallassee. He was hired on Jan. 11, 2017.

"Years ago with Montgomery, I thought how cool it would be to retire and work here," Higgins said after being hired back in 2017. "This is home to me. I've coached little league sports and chaperoned choir trips. This is my community."

Higgins retired from the Montgomery force after 22 years of service prior to the Tallassee job.