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Dream comes true for THS senior


Tallassee’s Morgan Steele has been dreaming of becoming a Pride of Dixie Majorette for many years now, and this past weekend her dreams came true.

Miss Steele, who will be graduating in May from Tallassee High School, has been working on her tryout for the University of North Alabama band, directed by Elmore County native Dr. Lloyd Jones.  Dr. Jones’ father, Edd Jones, was an assistant to Truman Welch, and together they conducted the “Big Blue” band in the 1960s and 1970s that combined the bands from Wetumpka and Eclectic.

“We went in Friday night for two hours and learned their fight song and a group routine. Saturday morning, we had two hours to review anything and practice our own solo routines on the floor,” Steele said.  After a lunch break, the twirlers went into the judges’ room in groups of five and performed the routine twice.

“After everyone was done, Dr. Jones came in and told us who was cut from the first round. We then changed into our solo costumes and went in random order to do our solos. After all if that we waited for what felt like forever, Dr. Jones came in and told us that no matter what happens today the sun will come out tomorrow,” Steele continued.

There were fifteen contestants, but only eleven were chosen after the second round of tryouts.

“UNA tryouts have to be one of the most stressful but exciting moments in my life so far. I can't wait to learn and get to know my Pride of Dixie family,” Steele said.

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