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Fields with her parents Linda and Brad

Fields featured in magazine


Laura Fields, a senior at Tallassee High School, is honored as a Teen Spotlight in Potential Magazine for excelling in her leadership and academics; she is featured alongside her parents, Linda and Brad.

Laura is a pro when it comes to leadership- she has held various positions in Tallassee High School’s Student Council since her freshman year. In addition, she has been in several leadership roles in her school’s band, including that of head majorette. Laura is active in the arts scene at Tallassee High School, and is involved with show choir, concert band, and the drama department. When asked what inspires her, she answered, “I am inspired by what a person’s willpower can accomplish. Last year, my dad had a stroke and had to relearn how to walk and talk. It was very hard for him, but because of his determination, he accomplished so much in such a short period of time. I have never seen anyone overcome so much.”

Linda and Brad share, “As Laura’s parents, we are very proud of Laura’s compassion and understanding of other people. Laura has always set goals for herself, but in doing so, she never gets so wrapped up in her own life that she can’t be there for her friends, family, and others.”


Potential Magazine is a multi-media resource for parents of college-bound teenagers. In each issue, high achieving students in the 7th-12th grade are featured and entered to win the $500 "Reach Your Potential" scholarship awarded in January and May.

Teens are recommended by their school or community leaders for excelling in one or more of the following areas: academics, business, leadership, philanthropy, overcoming adversity, citizenship and community service, athletics, and the arts.

"We love spotlighting teens in Alabama and gaining great advice from their parents," stated Pam Mashburn, publisher of Potential Magazine. Teens who are selected participate in an interview and photo shoot along with their parents for a spotlight feature in the magazine and website. Nomination forms can be found on www.potentialmagazine.com.

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