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Kervin announces candidacy


Jeanna Kervin announced on Jan. 5, 2016 that she will be a candidate for mayor of Tallassee.

Ms. Kervin is a graduate of Tallassee High School and  Auburn University Montgomery and has lived in the Tallassee area for over 35 years.

She is married to the Reverend Isaac Kervin and they have one son, Zachary Kervin.  Rev. Kervin serves at Tallaweka Baptist Church and Zachary is a Freshman at Auburn University.

Kervin was the Executive Director of the Greater Tallassee Area Chamber of Commerce From 2010 until 2014. Prior to this she was employed with the State of Alabama Department of Finance where she was responsible for the administration of a multi-million dollar budget associated with the State’s telecommunications systems. She has served on the Leadership Elmore County Board of Directors for 5 years, is a member of the Tallassee Lions Club, the Talisi Historical Preservation Society, the Friends of Tuckabatchee, Mount Vernon Theatre Operations Board and the ACTS Strategic Planning Board. She has been a Sunday School teacher for over 22 years.

Mrs. Kervin has set forth four main platform areas she wishes to address in the campaign and her tenure as Mayor.

These Platform issues are: Quality of Life, Economic Development, Marketing Tallassee and Beautification. 
These issues have several layers and most are intertwined.  For Example: By developing a common area on the River we would spark Economic Development, enhance the Quality of Life in Tallassee, give us a marketing tool to encourage visitors and possibly new residents and would clean up an area within the city limits.

Kervin feels that Tallassee is at an important juncture – “ We will either move forward or we will be left behind.  Leadership will be the determining factor as to Tallassee’s future.    I have a proven record as being a successful leader. I have always been one to bring people together to meet goals. I am able to unite people not alienate them.  I encourage new ideas.  Tallassee is in need of a Leader with a vision and I am that leader.  Tallassee needs a leader who understands how to unite the citizens in a common goal. I am that leader.  Tallassee needs a leader who understands the importance of all levels of Government, City, County and State working together.  I am that Leader.”

“I want to work the Council and the public in setting goals.  We have numerous issues facing the city from a new high school to a new recreation department to revitalizing the city.  The best way to accomplish these tasks is by setting short, medium and long term goals. Then we can allocate resources in a responsible manner to achieve the results we are after. If we do not have a plan, how do we know where we are going or when we get there.”

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