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17-year-old charged with murder

Staff Report

A 17-year-old Elmore County High School senior is in the county jail. Jesse Madison Holton is charged in the shooting deaths of his parents Michael and April Holton. His father served as mayor of Eclectic for a little more than one year from 2012-14.

Elmore County Sheriff Bill Franklin stated that his office received a call on Sunday afternoon from the residence.

"At 3:45, we get a call from Mr. Holton who is pretty upset because his son, by his own volition, has a problem," said Franklin. "The deputy and Mike talked. He said he was trying to discipline his son. He said there were remnants of drugs from a party in the house. The deputy took samples. The family was going to pursue a petition."

Moments later after the deputy had left the residence another call came in from the neighbor's house.

"The neighbor's said there was a problem there," Franklin added. "A man and a woman were in the master beroom with gun shots to the head. The boy went to the neighbor's house."

It appears that there were two shots fired. A .9 mm handgun was recovered. The father was dead at the scene. The mother died from her injuries on Monday. The son was arrested on suspicion of the double homicide.

"We have some issues with what he's saying," said Franklin. "His story is that the mom and dad came in and five minutes later he heard a ruckus and left.

"We've got some issues with the entry and exit wounds. It doesn't appear to be a murder/suicide. Forensics is saying it is not a self-inflicted wound."

Holton is being held on a $150,000 bond.

"We're awaiting the other forensics report," Franklin noted. "When the report comes back, we'll probably have another $150,000 bond."

Franklin also reported that the son showed no emotion when questioned.

"He's a self-proclaimed pothead. He said, 'as long as I get my marijuana and Adderall I'm okay, but if I don't I'm easily agitated.'"

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