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Johnson seeks another term


I would like to start by thanking the residents of Ward 2 for allowing me to represent and serve them on the Tallassee City Council.  During my two previous terms we have taken on large challenges like utility infrastructure repair and putting the city on solid financial footing.  Right now  we are dealing with damaged buildings on our riverfront and continue to look for ways to improve the quality of city recreation facilities.  

Progress has been made in some areas but there is still much work to be done.  New volunteer organizations like the Community Development Corporation and the Tallassee Redevelopment Authority have begun to work to help fill in the areas where city government has a more limited role.  The city has asked the Tallassee Redevelopment Authority to help develop guidelines for a business incentive program that will help them continue to recruit new business to Tallassee.  The city continues to support the work of the Tallassee Industrial Board to retain and recruit industries.

Improving the business climate, annexation, and recreation continue to be areas where as a city we need to make more progress. This progress will be make by city government working together with with local entities like the Tallassee School Board, Redevelopment Authority, Industrial Development Board, Historical Preservation Society,  Chamber of Commerce, and other groups that have a committed interest to improving life in and around Tallassee. Since I began my career  in Tallassee and throughout my time in office I have worked to develop and enhance relationships within these and other organizations.  Working together locally, regionally, and with state partners we can continue to improve our quality of life and maintain the infrastructure we count on for basic services.

New projects make lots of headlines but behind the headlines is the business of ensuring that the city provides basic services of safety, health, utilities, and the city’s financial security. I enjoy doing all the work that goes into local government.  It is not all glamorous, people don’t always see the council's work that goes into maintaining the city government but it is work that needs to be done.  Ward 2 residents I ask for your continued support and vote so I can continue working for you on the City Council.

Johnson has lived in Tallassee since 2002 and has been employed at Community Hospital since 1997.Her current job responsibilities include managing the clinical quality and patient safety program and community outreach for health promotion.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in laboratory technology from Auburn University.  Her  civic involvement includes being president of the Tallassee Chamber of Commerce in 2004, is a 2014 graduate of  Leadership for Alabama, and has involvement with regional and municipal organizations that work on improving overall health care for residents of the river region.  While on the Council she has been the city’s representative on the Elmore County EMS board which oversees ambulance service for the residents of Tallassee and serves on the city finance committee.  Johnson has also served on Tallassee City Schools Accreditation Committee, and  is currently the Chair of the School District’s Wellness Committee. Heather and her husband, Marlon,  attend First United Methodist Church where she has served on various committees and is currently Chair of the Church Council and a member of the Handbell Choir.  Marlon and Heather have two children Allison (10) and Valerie (8) who attend Tallassee City Schools.

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