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Hill appointed mayor

By Michael Butler

Friday was a historic day. Sarah Hill became Tallassee's first female mayor. The city council approved the appointment for one of its fellow members to replace Johnny Hammock, who stepped down.

Hammock announced his intentions to resign on June 1. His final day was June 30.

As for Hill, she was serving her second term on the city council as Ward 2 representative, a term consistent with that of mayor that runs until 2025.

Hill becomes the city's 21st mayor.

"I feel very humbled by the support of the council members and other citizens who have reached out with well wishes and congratulatory messages," Hill said. "In 2016 and 2020 I was very excited to be elected to serve the citizens of Ward 2, and I think a lot was accomplished during my term as councilperson.

"Looking to the future, I hope to bring a calming presence to the city, and working with our department heads and employees to do the work to the best of our ability. I also know there will be ups and downs, but I think Tallassee has so much good headed our way, and that's exciting to be a part of.

"As far as the first female mayor, that is also humbling - I hope to be a good role model for young women looking for a place to make a difference, and willing to help others through service."

Hill spoke of the vacancy now on the council to fill her former seat.

"The appointment process is similar to the appointment of the mayor. We have 60 days to find and appoint a viable candidate (must be a resident of Ward 2), or, the council will submit names to the governor for her appointment. In the event she does not appoint someone, then there would be a special election. The citizens of Ward 2 have been asked to recommend anyone interested in the appointment to write a letter of interest that I will forward to the council for their discussion."

Hill spoke of the changes to come moving over from the council to the mayor's position.

"The biggest change in responsibility has to be the switch from one piece of many to having the responsibility by myself. I hope to work closely with the council and committees to address the many challenges in Tallassee, and together we can celebrate the successes."

With approximately three years remaining of a term that is to be five years, Hill believes there is much that can be done.

"We do have several large-scale projects either in process or about to start. Those will take up significant time and effort trying to keep those on track and in budget. Also, the financial state of the city - we have received the information from Jackson Thornton and we have turned the information for the audit over to Berne Butler so that we can meet our obligations to our bond lenders. It's almost time to start the budget process for 2022-23, so I will be working with the finance committee over the next few months to get that done.

"I really hope that the information we have received of interest in someone acquiring the eastside mill property to clean that up pans out - I would love to have that mostly cleaned up by the end of my term as mayor."

Tallassee Mayors
*Compiled by William E. (Bill) Goss

On January 21, 1908, the town of Tallassee was incorporated. It included blocks 42, 43, and 44 of the Jordanville area, as shown on the April 18, 1853 Map of Tallassee by John Milton Gray.

The mayors are listed with terms served and their life span:

  1. 1908-1913 – Dr. John William Dorough (1867-1915)
  2. 1913-1920 – Thaddeus Warsaw Brunson (1868-1929)
  3. 1920-1922 – David Henry Sayers (1876-1934)
  4. 1922-1924 – Unknown Mayor
  5. 1924-1928 – Harley Millington Dobbs (1891-1967)
  6. 1928-1930 – Charles Gushen Pierce (1873-1955)
  7. 1930-1934 – Joseph Frederick Holloway (1888-1953)
  8. 1934-1948 – Shirley Floyd (1886-1963)
  9. 1948-1952 – Joseph Frederick Holloway (1888-1953)
  10. 1952-1956 – Robert Mitchell Alton (1903-1981)
  11. 1956-1964 – Roy Charles Billings (1894-1970)
  12. 1964-1973 – Lloyd Dean Tippett (1908-1974)
  13. 1973-1976 – Eddie Lewis (Ed) Huey (1910-1982)
  14. 1976-1979 – Henry Owen Harper (1917-2000)
  15. 1979-1980 – Thomas Welburn Pollard (1926-1996)
  16. 1980-1982 – Eddie Lewis (Ed) Huey (1910-1982)
  17. 1982-1988 – Thomas Welburn Pollard (1926-1996)
  18. 1988-2008 – Robert Earle (Bobby) Payne (1945-2022)
  19. 2008-2012 – George Alavan McCain, III (1944-)
  20. 2012-2016 – Robert Earle (Bobby) Payne (1945-2022)
  21.  2016-06/30/2022 – John Randal (Johnny) Hammock (1974-)
  22. 7/1/2022-Present – Sarah Hill (1981-)