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Hammock with former Tallassee City Schools superintendent Wade Shipman breaking ground on the new high school

Last week in office for Hammock

By Michael Butler

Johnny Hammock was elected mayor of Tallassee in 2016. Thursday, June 30 will be his last day in office. Hammock announced his resignation on June 1.

"It has been an honor and privilege to serve as mayor for the past six years," Hammock said. "I am proud of the work we have accomplished that has moved Tallassee forward with much need infrastructure improvements, a new high school, public safety requirements and procurement of millions in grant dollars."

The Tallassee City Council has the option of choosing the next mayor. If a member of the council is appointed, an appointment for the council vacancy will also be required. They will have 60 days to make a decision. If not, the governor may receive recommendations from the council to pick the next mayor. That window extends an additional 90 days or a special election would be called.

After Hammock's first term, he was selected for a second in 2020. That term was to be a full five years with a year added to move municipal elections off of presidential election years. The mayor's replacement will fill out the remaining three years until 2025.

"I have full confidence in the Tallassee City Council," said Hammock, "with their succession plan and moving Tallassee forward in the future."