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Taylor addresses unkempt lawns

By Michael Butler

Upkeep of one's personal property is an ordinance on the books for the City of Tallassee and one that is regularly an issue according to building inspector Trey Taylor.

Ordinance No. 2021-566 deals with the regulation of grass and weeds.

Taylor will have one year under his belt as the building inspector on July 22. He has already sent numerous letters regarding this specific yard nuissance.

"We're right in the middle of grass cutting," he said. "You send out the first letter to let them know their yard needs attention. Usually, it's the same offenders."

The ordinance is about aesthetics but also safety.


The ordinance lists "overgrown grass and weeds attaining heights and dryness that constitute a serious fire threat or hazard." In addition it adds the "bearing of wingy or downs seeds when mature that cause the spread of weeds and when breathed, irritation to the throat, lungs, and eyes of the public."

Taylor said if the issue is not taken care of that a second, certified letter is sent after ten days. The next resort is for the city to intervene and cut grass on the properties not in compliance.

"You have to take it before the council," said Taylor. "The (owners) will get billed and a lien will be put against their property if they don't pay it."

How big is the problem? Taylor said he estimates that about 100 letters have been sent this summer alone.

"I'd say 50 percent of it is people who live out of town. They're not here. Then you have people that own a lot of stuff that can't keep up with everything."